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Invenzion is implementing an ecosystem to enable enterprise, public sector, and individual users to transistion on to our blockchain platform enabling them to achieve true decentralization of existing processes by augmenting problem solving methodologies. This allows seamless, trust based autonomous functioning to improve their business impact and making it sustainable. Like letting users exchange stocks, assets and other things of value in real-time on the system.
At Invenzion, we seek to establish valued relationships with our partners and believe how we do business is as important as what we do; We have the enthusiasm and dynamism, to face the challenges feared by others. So we are upgrading the industry norms by changing the perspective of the IT industry towards Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology and are trying to enhance and deploy the applications on Blockchain.



Autonomous Legislature

Maintaining a Layer of autonomous Policy with validation and enforcement


IVBC is a handy tool for enterprises to use and be a part of the ecosystem. Integration can establish automatic handling with intelli-contracts.

Distributed UniLedger

A UniLedger system allows seamless integration of multiple services on the IVBC System.


The main system currency is Zions but Regulatory users will be able to grant specific currencies and operate as they would with their normal existing currency system.

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